National Outcomes Registry System


The NATIONAL OUTCOMES REGISTRY SYSTEM (NORS) is an OPAT registry developed by BSAC to correlate core reports from all UK OPAT centres.


NORS is available for use by any UK OPAT centre, regardless of the method used for data collection. The database has been developed to provide the most comprehensive picture of OPAT service provision across the UK.

All centres contributing to NORS will be able to compare their OPAT service against others,  both regionally and nationally.

OPAT centres using the BSAC Patient Management System can directly upload core anonymous data into NORS. For OPAT centres not using the BSAC Patient Management System the database has been simplified such that a minimum data set can be entered manually.

The NORS database offers an overview of:

  • the number of OPAT centres across the UK
  • the number of patients admitted to OPAT centres
  • the number of treatments days saved
  • other vital audit data i.e. the most commonly used agents and proportion of successful outcomes




All centres operating OPAT services within the UK are invited to register their centre at:  WWW.OPATREGISTRY.COM




For further information on the Registry please email:




NORS User Guide

NORS Data Entry Fields