Version 2 of the Patient Management System operates via the N3 Secure Server

27 November

The OPAT Patient Management System operates through an N3 server environment.  Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions relating to this system:

What’s new about version 2 of the Patient Management System (PMS)?
PMS is available via an ‘N3’ network (the National NHS Network). N3 provides fast, reliable and secure broadband to NHS organisations across the UK.

Where is the PMS data stored and is it secure?
The PMS data is stored in databases held in a secure data centre only accessible from devices on the NHS private network, N3.

How will I access the system?
The address for the PMS site is:

Access to PMS is strictly limited by an ‘authorisation process’ and an ‘access code’.  Once the relevant team members have decide that your organisation is going to use the PMS and the appropriate paperwork has been completed your organisation will be ‘authorised’ by the PMS technical team.  Following authorisation you will be provided with usernames and passwords for your organisations account.  This will enable you to access the system and start entering your data.

We already use version 1 of the PMS how can I import data to the new system?
Unfortunately due to incompatibilities between version 1 and 2 data cannot be exported between the versions.  If you are a current user of version 1 there are two options to manage system implementation.  Choose a ‘go live’ date for the PMS version 2 then either:

  • • Manually enter all data for all ‘active patients’ into version 2.  Use of version 1 will cease that day, or
  • • From the selected date onwards all new patients will be entered into version 2.  All previous patients will continue on version 1 until they are discharged from the system.

You will NOT lose the data entered on version 1.  Just download, sanity check and we will arrange for all data to be uploaded to the national outcomes registry.  The V1 database can then be archived in accordance with your local data storage and retention protocols.

What is expected from me and my organisation?

BSAC requests that all PMS organisations upload data from their OPAT service to the National OPAT Registry System (NORS), launched in July 2015.

We request that data from Q1 2015 is entered into NORS in the first instance, followed by data entry for every quarter thereafter.  You can also enter any or all data from your OPAT service retrospectively ie. for any previous year by quarter.

How long does it take to upload data to the registry?

Assuming your data entry is complete for a given quarter in the PMS, this is a simple 2-step process.  First, you run a report, extracting your aggregated data from the PMS in a CSV file.  Second, you login into NORS and upload this CSV file.  Once the uploaded data has been checked it will be visible on the NORS site (please allow up to 48 hours for this process).

For more information regarding access to, or installing the PMS please email: