05 November

Alcura provides innovative and specialised healthcare services that meet the needs of healthcare professionals, our business partners and over 150,000 patients across Europe.*

Our name Alcura, derived from the Latin definition of ‘cura’ meaning care, reflects our dedication to patient care.

Our full range of global services are categorised in to five key areas: clinical homecare, medicine support, dispensing services, medicine preparation and clinical trial support.

We have extensive experience in the United Kingdom (UK) for provision of clinical patient care.
Until 1 March 2013 we traded under the name Central Homecare Limited, and therefore have established our credibility, knowledge and experience over many years.

Support to patients in the UK is provided through our own team of specialist nurses and advisors. We pride ourselves in having excellent working relationships with NHS teams, the pharmaceutical industry and logistics partners which together enable us to deliver and support excellent clinical patient care.

Alcura is a member of Alliance Boots and its Pharmaceutical Wholesale Division (Alliance Healthcare). We are therefore unique as we can integrate services from across our international group to support our core Alcura offering to patients and our partners.