Baxter Healthcare

05 November

Baxter Healthcare Ltd has over 75 years of expertise in healthcare and over 25 years in aseptic compounding. Baxter strives towards improving systems for patient safety and our expertise and innovations in medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology all help reduce the risk of adverse incidents occurring in the healthcare environment. Patient safety and improved patient care are themes that run through all of Baxter’s businesses and we focus on assisting people with some of the most complex conditions such as haemophilia, cancer and immune disorders.

Baxter Pharmacy services offers a complete and cost effective alternative for provision of aseptic injectable products when you need extra capacity either on an emergency, short term or long term basis. This is provided through a national network of licensed production facilities and leading edge logistics capabilities with expertise developed over many years. Baxter Pharmacy Services can provide a rapid response tailored to meet the specific product and service requirements of customers and clinical trials through named patient unlicensed specials to licenced presentations

Willow Healthcare is a specialist division of Baxter focussed on the provision of high-tech homecare services including OPAT. The OPAT service consists of:

Home delivery of intravenous antibiotics (including those that require aseptic production) and associated medication

Loan of any equipment required to store or administer the medication

Nursing support to administer the medication or train the patient to self-care

Waste collection service

The Willow team has a track record of providing reliable and responsive OPAT services to the NHS