BD Diagnostics

05 November

BD, founded in 1897, continues to be a global leading force in the development of safe and innovative health care products. BD Diagnostic Systems provide products and services to improve laboratory processes, work and information flow. Leading edge developments in HAI Rapid Diagnostics (BD GeneOhm); Blood culture and TB systems (BD BACTEC FC and BD BACTEC MGIT systems); ID & AST systems (BD Phoenix and partners for Bruker Daltonics and the BioTyper MALDI-TOF system); Molecular Diagnostics (BD ProbeTec; BD Viper XTR) for STI’s, BD Max for fully automated molecular assays; Culture Media (BD Difco, BD BBL) and Data Management (BD Epicenter); continue to ensure that laboratories and patients have fast, accurate and meaningful results ultimately helping all people live healthy lives.